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We are a web development agency specializing in the conception of productivity tools and e-commerce websites.

We empower Ruby and Ruby on Rails to build innovative solutions for mobile & desktop accessible anytime anywhere.

We have built numerous inventory and warehouse management solutions for different industries such as cut flowers and plants, logistics, moving companies, healthcare and education.

We connect systems and organizations altogether, re-engineer processes, automate tasks to save time, money and energy.

We help connect back-ends to accounting systems, synchronize online and offline stocks, onboard users, implement point-of-sale solutions, and globally speaking, help (online) merchants get more effective.


We help shaping the following brands and build their transactional platforms

Systems Integration

Task Automation; some of the challenges we like solving

  • Custom software development
  • Fulfillment and shipping
  • Analytics & social media tracking
  • Sending information from one place to another


We are grateful for accomplishing client work but also building our own products.


Let's talk. We return messages within 24 hours.

Yafoy is based in Gatineau, Québec

Tel: (819) 962 1981